The story of a single cell within a beehive

Eggs are small!

As all beekeepers come to learn (especially those with less-than-optimal vision), eggs are small! The average size of an egg is around 1.5 mm long and 0.35 mm long. That’s not an easy thing to see. In case you want to weigh one, you will need a pretty accurate scale, since they weigh around 0.15 mg!

Another factor to consider when checking for eggs is their color. Their light color can be tricky to view against a light background, which is why most beekeepers choose a black foundation when purchasing frames for the brood chamber (white foundation is often used in honey supers).

The egg is slightly wider at one end, which is where the head of the bee will grow. When laying the egg, the queen will attach the other, more narrow end of the egg to the bottom of the cell.

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