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A dead queen in your brand-new package of bees is never a welcome sight. It can be especially distressing to new beekeepers. Yet, it is not an uncommon problem. Read on to find out about common scenarios that could result in the death of your queen bee and what to do about it.

Why Did My Queen Die?

The arrival of new bee packages is a highly anticipated springtime event. For many beekeepers these will be their first colonies, for others they are a means of replacing winter loses or simply new additions to a growing apiary. It’s no wonder then, that a package with a dead queen would be the cause of distress. Aside from the obvious disappointment, it can also be perplexing. Why would a healthy, new queen die so quickly? And what should you do now that she has? As with all things in beekeeping, there is more than one answer to these questions.

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